VVR The Variable Volume Reservoir

Hydraulic systems very often rely on reservoirs that are too large and too heavy. The VVR addresses these issues by offering a light, efficient and eco-friendly technology. Inspired by the bootstrap oil reservoir used in aerospace. The VVR was created to replace conventional atmospheric reservoirs in numerous applications.

Acknowledging the opportunity for improvements, we created a reservoir capable of reducing oil volume, weight, costs, pollution and potential environmental damage while providing a system that improves the overall performance and durability of the hydraulic network.

By virtue of its light-weight design and very small reservoir, the VVR provides economic and performance advantages versus traditional reservoir.


On selected applications the VVR has the ability to replace conventional reservoirs which are considerably larger and weights hundreds of pounds. The VVR will cut reservoir weight (and space) by a ratio of 20:1 and more.


Being sealed, air less and slightly pressurized, the VVR will supercharge your pump and improve their performance not matter the machine operating altitude and orientation. Further, the VVR will isolate the hydraulic fluid from external solid contaminants and moisture thus improving fluid and components life time.This is a key factor since 80% of hydraulic system failures are caused by contamination.


Consequently, the small VVR volume promotes the use bio-degradable fluids at a significant reduced cost. As the fluid in a VVR is never exposed to the environment and its contaminants, it will last 3 to 4 times longer than in a conventional reservoir. Further, machine fluid leaks are detected earlier thus reducing environmental spillage and costly consequences.

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